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Little Known Facts about Funko Pop! Vinyls


They are ubiquitous. A delight for pop culture aficionados and toy collectors alike. Name any pop culture franchise you adore and there’s nothing this well-known toy company can’t offer you.

Star Wars,  The Walking Dead, or Game of Thrones? Yes, they have it all! 

If you’re here, we bet you already know what we’re talking about. Of course, we’re talking about the adorable toy innovator that is Funko. 

Funko has been selling toys for a long time, but their popular Pop! vinyls have only been around since 2010. Quite a young invention, if you ask us. Nevertheless, the success it brought to the toy company and how it changed the way people collect toys are monumental. 

Today, we’ve gathered some little known facts about our beloved Funko Pop! Vinyls. If you’re a hardcore Pop! vinyl fan, you may have already known these things. If you’re just casually into the hobby, this is especially for you.

  1. Before the Pop! vinyl line became all the rage, Funko maintained a moderate presence in the toy market by manufacturing bobbleheads. The company’s history began in 1998 and it started because Mike Becker, a toy enthusiast and T-shirt designer, was in the market looking for a vintage coin bank depicting the Big Boy restaurant mascot. Because the item he wanted was so expensive on eBay, he figured he could produce his own in China for a lesser price. That’s when his company, Funko, started. Its first ever bobblehead? It was Big Boy, the restaurant mascot!
  1. There are a few Funko Pop! Vinyls out there that are worth a fortune. They’re usually the rarest. One of them is the limited edition San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Pop Star Wars Shadow Trooper retailing at $1800-$1900 USD today. However, the SDCC Exclusive 2014 Freddy Funko Boba Fett beat the Shadow Troopers by a huge margin. The freckled version of Boba Fett can now be bought for $6000 USD from its initial retail price of $1000 USD.

    Check out the Top 10 Most Expensive Funko Pop! Vinyls here. If you have these items in your safekeeping, you’re going to be a couple of thousands richer!

  1. Whenever Funko ships their new items/ line to retailers, they usually include one variation of that line. It could be the same character, but with a slight difference either in paint or features. This is what Funko calls a “Chase” item, which is designed to be rare and a must-have for serious toy collectors. An easy way to identify a “Chase” item in the wild is to look for the sticker on the box. Because these special Pop! vinyls are rare, retailers would often sell these unique figures on secondary markets at a premium price.
  1. If you want to be a serious Funko Pop! toy collector, you should also grab the Flocked Pop!s as they are usually items you can exclusively get at comic conventions. They’re also typically released in limited edition. What makes a Flocked Pop! different? It has a furry texture that’s really different from the smooth plastic texture we’re accustomed of having, which makes it irresistible to touch.
  1. Once you get the hang of Funko Pop! toy collecting, getting the toy company’s prototypes might interest you as well. Super collectors also make it their mission to get the pre-production models of a Pop! figure. Prototypes are valued highly by these collectors because they are thought to be rare and worth a lot of money. Aside from the fact that they are released for serious toy collectors to purchase, some protos also end up with the licensee.
  1. Funko started out its Pop! vinyl line with its three big licenses (DC, Marvel, and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars). Soon after, the company has acquired 25 more licenses and pushed more products in big box stores and mainstream online retailers other than comic book and collectible shops. Funko hasn’t stopped securing more licenses ever since, acquiring everything pop culture has to offer. Today, the company now holds 100 licenses and counting.
  1. Have you ever wondered why your Star Wars Pop!s are placed on stands? It’s actually because of a licensing agreement between Hasbro and Star Wars in creating the franchise’s action figures. In order for Funko to still produce the Star Wars Pop! figures without going against the said agreement, the company decided to add a stand in its vinyl figures.
  1. While the Pop! line remains to be Funko’s bestseller, the company also has branched out to introduce new toy designs. It also has Vinyl Idolz, which are awesome 8-inch tall figurines inspired by characters from pop culture; Dorbz, a cute line that’s slightly smaller than their Pop! counterparts but with a more rotund shape; Plush, Funko’s version of fluffy, stuffed action figures; Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure, blind box miniature figurines placed inside a uniform packaging to keep their identities secret until they’re opened; and of course, Funko Pop! Tees, the company’s own T-shirt line.

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