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How Captain America: Civil War Will Impact Avengers: Infinity War


The third installment to the Avengers film series is still a year away to hit the big screen but fans are already hurling their predictions on the dynamic of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and a band of intergalactic outlaws, who will survive after the battle ends, who will die for good to triumph against evil, etc.

The [Avengers Style] Cold War is Over but [Avengers Style] Cold War Thinking Survives

Chronologically speaking, Avengers: Infinity Wars [– Part 1] will take place in the aftermath from Captain America: Civil War where the Avengers are still torn apart after questioning authority and taking sides which brought about their own version of the Cold War into the 21st century. The shredding of the Iron Curtain between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man has to be done before or in the middle of the flick and not take forty-six years in order for them to have the chance to wipe the floor with Thanos, an intergalactic tyrant who is relentless in the fulfillment of his twisted grand dream of remodeling the universe to his way of looking by imbuing his gauntlet with the Infinity Stones, six astronomically powerful gems that grant its wielder absolute and ultimate power—the power of a god. It’s clear that despite the Avengers’ reputation as humanity’s greatest defenders, there is a need for backup.

A Force to be (Wreck)oned With

No doubt that assistance from  the Guardians of the Galaxy can unleash a tenfold against Thanos, but are people like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye (aka Vision), Thor and Hulk whose team spirit has been cut down after their internal struggle (with the exception of Dr. Banner who was in India at the time of the internal conflict of the Avengers but that does not make him an exception to the repercussions), work side by side attuned with the fugitives Drax, Groot, Rocket, Gamora and Star Lord? Is there still room for trust among the Avengers in what may be the greatest crisis they will ever face? Not just within their circle but outside of it, especially towards Gamora who is the adopted daughter of Thanos.

As the saying goes that trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair, but other than a common enemy and the desire to save the day, perhaps a little bonding time by the fireside over a cup of tea or hot chocolate or some beer (though not literally) can lessen the time required for trust to be assembled. Maybe a friendly rivalry will spring from the idiosyncratic bondings between self-describe genius, playboy and billionaire philantrophist Tony Stark and Rocket over who makes the best arsenal. Love for family could be a common ground for Thor and Drax. Star Lord, who has been homesick for Earth ever since his abduction, could find some sympathy from World War II veteran Steve Rogers, who very much understands what it feels to be behind the times. A simple exchange of “We are Groot” and “Hulk” will be more than enough for the brawns of their teams.

United we stand divided we fall. That was one of the lessons the audience learned from Captain America: Civil War. Whether the Avengers learned about it or not will be vital to their victory against Thanos since they’re not the only ones who will battle the despot.

Winter is Here! Funko Just Released the Next Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl

Game of Thrones fans from all corners of the world, rejoice! Funko just released an all new collection of Game of Thrones Pop! figures in anticipation of the show’s return this July. The new set of pop figures features an updated look at three fan-favourite characters for season 7. Moreover, three beloved characters from the hit HBO series will also [...]

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A Funko Pop that’s the Perfect Gift… Of Jericho!

Collection-enthusiast Jerichoholics can now obtain the Toy of Jericho! Get it soon maaaaannnnn!!! And those who aren’t into collecting now have a great reason to get into this hobby along with other fans of the WWE Universe whose favorite superstars are bound to be immortalized in Funko form! Jerichoholic writers can now also have the perfect excuse [...]

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Marvel Movie Projects Currently in Development

It cannot be argued. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the greatest thing pop culture has given us... and they’re selling like hotcakes. The worldwide box office tells a very compelling story of how MCU is nothing short of impressive. Moreover, the future is looking bright for Marvel, with a slew of upcoming films already scheduled [...]

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Kids Step Aside, ‘Kidults’ are on the Rise

Some adults just can’t wait to get home after a long day’s work and tinker with their humongous toy collections. For them, tapping on their playful side keeps things in perspective. Who are these toy-obsessed adults anyway? How do toy makers take advantage of this rising market? Cashing on Nostalgia The term ‘kidults’ was coined to address [...]

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5 Best Pop Culture Team Ups

When you’re out there battling the greatest threats to your world, you know there’s just too much for you to handle. Going alone is a recipe for defeat, and so you must solve your problem with a little teamwork. The best teams in pop culture are, surprisingly, those who don’t share the same interests or goals, [...]

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7 Interesting Things in the New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

Marvel has finally delivered its promise: a  Thor vs. Hulk match! In its first ever trailer for the Thor: Ragnarok film, the third of the Thor movie franchise, our beloved Norse God can be seen battling The Incredible Hulk in an arena, where the face-off is initially met with sheer enthusiasm because as Thor (Chris Hemsworth) [...]

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Superhero Movies to Watch Out for in 2017

2017 is going to be exciting for superhero fans out there, whether you’re Team DC or Team Marvel. Moreover, 2017 promises to be even a stronger and more robust year, with multiple new movie releases based on our comic book favourites. Sure, it’s a good time to be a fan of these movies, but you’ll [...]

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Toy Safety Tips When Shopping

When it comes to toy shopping, parents don’t easily run out of ideas on what to buy. There is simply a lot of toys to choose from when scouring the children’s toy aisle. Whether you want to purchase a stuffed animal, action figure, or puzzles for your little one, the options are almost endless. However, when [...]

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Funko, We Want These Pop Rides ASAP!

The film and TV landscape is filled with classic vehicles, such as  the Batmobile and Mystery Machine. It’s for this reason that Funko created their Pop Rides line that consists of iconic vehicles to hold and compliment the Pop! figure, which they each come with. The existing Pop Rides line consists of vehicles we mostly have known [...]

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