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10 Most Insanely Expensive Collectible Toys in the World


A toy is one thing that comes with being a kid. After all, it's one of the few things that kept us entertained then; we didn't have iPads to play mobile games and watch YouTube. Having said that, it's also important to note that not all toys are really meant to be played with. Savvy toy collectors would definitely agree to that. Take one toy out of its box and these mature, logical adults would freak out!

While toys are designed and marketed towards the little ones, there's no decree saying that adults aren't allowed to swing by the toy aisle and take home their favourite action items or  Funko Pop figures for that matter! Regardless of the item's price, avid toy collectors would pay top dollar to have it in their hands. That's how collectible toys, with almost zero underlying value, affect passionate toy hoarders.

From unassuming action figures to gem-encrusted toy cars, take a look at the world’s most expensive collectible toys with prices so jaw-dropping you could sell an arm and a leg.

10. 1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure- $ 25, 000 US

It's no surprise that a Star Wars action figure is included in our top 10 list as the hit movie franchise continues to soar up to this day. A Japanese designer and owner of clothing brand A Bathing Ape sold his Star Wars collection in 2015 for over half a million dollars! This happened as the 7th episode of Star Wars hit theatres in the same year. Included in this haul was a boxed Luke Skywalker figurine, which is still in mint condition and one of only 20 similar pieces out there. This 1978 Luke Skywalker action figure was sold for a whooping $25,000.

9. 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb- $72,000 US

For a blinding $72,000, this rare Hot Wheels Volkswagen car was sought after by collectors because of the surfboard hanging from its back. It's an odd design that collectors deemed desirable, also owing to the fact that it was discontinued by the toy company too soon because of its incompatibility with Mattel-made race tracks.

8. Lionel 3360 Burro Crane- $85,000 US

If you look at the original item, you wouldn't expect that its real value would amount to exactly $85,062.25. It's very unassuming that a thief wouldn't think of snatching it along with your china wares. The model crane is actually a prototype that was released in the 1950s. That said, it's one of the priciest toys ever sold on eBay, having the same value as a 2012 BMW convertible.

7. Nintendo World Class Service Set- $90,000 US

While not exactly a toy, the Nintendo World Class Service Set used to service our faulty Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the 1980s. Only a few stores at the time utilised the service set to quickly diagnose hardware issues; however, Nintendo pushed customers to visit their service centres to fix problems pertaining to their video game consoles. Due to its robust capabilities, retro game fans are on the hunt to find a set in good condition, despite the fact that it would cost them a leg.

6. Darth Vader's Helmet- $115,000 US

This is not just a toy. It's an actual movie prop worn by the Olympian Bob Anderson as a stunt double in the movie Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The original helmet was sold at a Hollywood auction house for $115,000 in 2003.

5. Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Diamond-Encrusted Car- $140,000 US


Even if you're not into toy cars, this particular Hot Wheels car would bedazzle the shit out of you! Cast in 18k white gold and blanketed with over 2,700 bling, this handmade toy car is thought to be the most expensive in the world. It was made to commemorate the production of the 4 billionth Hot Wheels vehicle. Nick Lachey, a multi-platinum recording artist and car enthusiast, unveiled the bejeweled car at the 105th American International Toy Fair.

4. Steiff 125th Anniversary Teddy Bear- $193,000 US


German stuffed animal company Steiff made 41 limited edition toys to pay homage to Teddy Bear on its 125th anniversary. Each toy was initially sold at $84, 000, but the last one that's known was sold in an auction for $193, 000- a hefty amount that's almost double the original price. What made this particular stuff toy amazing is its intrinsic worth! Each of the toy's eyes is set in 18k yellow gold. Its fur is made in golden threads while its mouth, nose and medallion are made from pure 24k gold!

3. 1963 Toy Soldier (Original G.I. Joe)- $200,000 US


Created by a man named Don Levine in 1963, this vintage action figure is the only one in the world! It's because it's the actual prototype and thought to be the original G.I. Joe. Standing at 11 inches and has 21 movable parts, this toy was sold at an auction to businessman Stephen A. Geppi for $200,000- earning the title Most Expensive Vintage Collectible toy in the world.

2. Titania's Palace Doll House- $256,000 US


Every little girl's wish is to live in a palace and treated like royalty. Owning the majestic Titania's Palace Doll House gets you closer to that dream! Built in 1907, the expensive doll house is made of over 3000 separate miniature pieces and features 18 completed rooms. Because of its outstanding detail, it took 15 excruciating years to complete the doll house. As of the moment, the mini palace isn't up for sale, but it's said to have a value of $256,000.

1. Stefano Canturi Barbie Doll- $302,500 US

This Barbie doll may be ridiculously priced at first thought, but it is not without a valid reason! The most expensive toy in the world, which was designed by Australian jeweler Stefano Canturi, sports exquisite 3k white diamonds and a 1k square pink diamond as a centrepiece on its choker. Not only that! Our gorgeous blondie also has a dazzling diamond ring on her right hand to complete the evening get up. This one-of-a kind doll was sold for record-breaking $302,000, with all proceeds going towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

There are some people who just hop on the bandwagon, believing that a highly collectible figure today would create a return on investment in a few years, only to be disappointed thereafter. Nevertheless, recent purchases through toy online stores and auctions are giving us a different picture of how some collectors would never mind breaking the bank just to possess some plastic figures that most would easily surmise as pieces of childhood junk.


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