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Collectible Toys: How a Plastic Figure Could be Worth Thousands!


As a child, we all have that warm memory of tearing open gifts to find the era's must-have toys on a Christmas morning.

Remember when you couldn't help but get your hands on a miniature version of the Bat Mobile or even the most sought-after Star Wars action figures? Those were the days deeply etched in our memories, that even some people will go to extra lengths to live in those times again.

But has nostalgia made all those old games and action figures worth something today? Could a cheap-looking plastic action figure then be worth a fortune now?

What Makes a Collectible Toy?

If you've been an avid toy collector since time immemorial, your bedroom might look like the warehouse at the end of the Raiders of the Lost Ark. With dozens of cardboard boxes stacked on top of the other, you might wonder about the present value of your toy collection. However, despite the size of the collection, it's not a guarantee that your precious action and pop figures could be worth a five-digit sum.

First, a toy doesn't have to be a hundred years old to be considered a collectible, although a lot of collectible toys are indeed antiques and vintage! There are many reasons that make a toy a collectible, but the simplest reason is that a lot of people want them, just like the cute Funko pop vinyls!

Through the ages, toys haven't really changed that much. Nevertheless, there are certain items that are eagerly sought after by collectors, such as action figures from Star Wars, GI Joe, Batman, Indiana Jones, and X-Men. Others prefer little Matchbox cars, dolls, game boards, and train sets!

But what really makes a toy worth thousands? How can we really place a value on a toy?

Factors that Make a Toy Valuable


Do you have a cracked and faded toy and wonder if it's not going to be worth much? You're definitely right! No one wants to get their hands on a damaged item, so you should protect your action figures and Jada toys from the elements! If you've seen the movie The 40-Year Old Virgin, you'll see Steve Carrel's character Andy taking care of his action figures by meticulously repairing and repainting them. Guess what! He sold his old toys for over half a million dollars!


Seriously, if you're considering to be toy collector, you need to watch Steve Carrel's The 40-Year Old Virgin. Witness how Carrel's character Andy freaked out when during a make out session with his girlfriend, the toy boxes got crushed over their weight. He stopped and went on a tirade explaining that once the integrity of the original packaging is compromised, they would lose their value. That's absolutely true in real life.

If your toys are still in the original package, then they are going to be worth more than the loose (out of the package) items. Also, don't forget to preserve the condition of the package as this will make the toy worth even more.


You have to know the age of the item you have when placing a value on it. If it's old and is hard to find these days, then its value increases. Again, the condition of the toy is also a huge factor in determining if it's something worth the bucks!

Look ahead to the upcoming revival of huge films, including Star Wars and a couple from DC and Marvel. Experts have predicted that smart toy collectors will begin to scramble for the old toys and stock up on them now.


As I said before, a collectible toy is not necessarily something that's vintage or antique. It could also be something new, but still remains to be worth thousands in the not so far future. If you've recently purchased a limited edition action toy that's been cut off from production too soon, you could take advantage of its rarity. Rare action figures are cooler and worth more in value!


Popularity can also affect the collectibility of an item. Dr. Who figures are very collectable in the past few years as the early toys were not as widely produced. And with the much-awaited comeback of Star Wars in 2015, Star War toys became the rage again.

No one can really predict the future of a particular collectible. Something might be all the craze now, but will turn out to be irrelevant in the future. If anyone has the ability to foresee the future of toy collecting, they'd be a freaking millionaire by now! Indeed, an old toy is not necessarily valuable.

Truth be told that if you're primary goal is to collect toys for their monetary value, then you're doing the hobby completely wrong! If you keep on doing this, you will lose out all your investments because of the market's volatility. Instead, buy any toy because you love it! It's a very rewarding feeling that not even a dollar can outmatch. 


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